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  • Chipmunk Scripts
    The homepage of, includes links to all script downloads.
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials on how to do things in PHP and examples.
  • PHP/ASP/PERL Bookstore
    Books to help you learn or improve your Programming skills in various languages.
  • Free PHP/MYSQL hosting
    A list of free hosts that offer PHP/MYSQL.
  • Paid Hosting
    A directory of paid web hosting companies
    Off topic banter here
    1144312023Tue Jun 30, 2015 20:21:07
    Last post by: fghe53gdf
    Test stuff here
    38124009Tue Jun 30, 2015 05:14:10
    Last post by: jacka
    590Wed Oct 22, 2014 20:45:33
    Last post by: rsgoldrich
    Chipmunk CMS
    Talk about Chipmunk CMS here
    10331342Wed Jun 24, 2015 22:27:58
    Last post by: james123
    Chipmunk Board
    Help on Chipmunk Board
    Sponsor: Hotscripts
    40445666Sat Jun 27, 2015 07:53:15
    Last post by: neilneva
    Chipmunk Blogger
    Questions and comments on chipmunk blogger.
    35303953Sat Jun 20, 2015 23:01:57
    Last post by: xinyu
    Chipmunk Bloghost
    Post questions and comments about Chipmunk Bloghost here
    994310218Fri Jun 26, 2015 01:45:41
    Last post by: zws19x
    Chipmunk Guestbook help
    Help on installing, customizing, and modding chipmunk guestbook.
    2752527897Sun Jun 28, 2015 23:14:45
    Last post by: y521
    Chipmunk Addresshost
    Discuss Bugs and Fixes to addresshost here.
    71017156Fri Jun 26, 2015 13:57:07
    Last post by: msteinmankrys
    Chipmunk Topsites
    Help on Chipmunk Topsites
    32813609Fri Jun 19, 2015 23:03:09
    Last post by: nike123
    Chipmunk Poll
    Help on Chipmunk Poll
    32833342Wed Jun 24, 2015 19:45:34
    Last post by: y521
    Chipmunk AWS(amazon) script
    Questions and feature requests for Chipmunk AWS script here.
    909950Mon Jun 29, 2015 22:23:25
    Last post by: y521
    Chipmunk Directory
    Help on Chipmunk Directory
    34053920Sun Jun 28, 2015 03:53:01
    Last post by: nike123
    Kill Monster
    Help on Kill Monster script or discussions on add-ons.
    39376430Sun Jun 28, 2015 06:20:24
    Last post by: y521
    Help on chipmunk FFAL
    32343254Mon Jun 15, 2015 23:03:54
    Last post by: nike123
    Help on CMS core and writing add-ons.
    33423411Tue Jun 30, 2015 17:52:42
    Last post by: karneckielvi
    Story Lines
    Help on Chipmunk Storylines
    32873334Tue Jun 30, 2015 17:53:24
    Last post by: karneckielvi
    Chipmunk Chat
    Help on Chipmunk Chatroom
    32773360Sun Jun 28, 2015 22:51:19
    Last post by: james123
    Other Scripts help
    Help on Chipmunk scripts' other scripts
    33633693Mon Jun 29, 2015 22:49:15
    Last post by: james123
    Post PHP tutorials here
    9851351Fri Jun 12, 2015 04:14:04
    Last post by: regreg
    Got a cool mod of any of chipmunk scripts? Post it here .
    33013371Thu Jun 18, 2015 19:15:05
    Last post by: regerdieg
    General Web design
    HTML, CSS, xHTML, ask about it here.
    Sponsor: Boxed Art
    32883697Fri Jun 12, 2015 04:11:32
    Last post by: regreg
    General Webmaster Chat
    Chat about any webmaster issue
    10051081Sat May 23, 2015 08:50:55
    Last post by: sarosmarl
    PHP Programming
    Help on general php programming.
    Sponsor: Webmaster resources and articles
    33783850Mon Jun 15, 2015 18:44:50
    Last post by: karneckielvi
    PERL Programming
    Help on PERL programming
    793798Tue Jun 23, 2015 22:37:17
    Last post by: cpromcheap
    Help on ASP and programming
    771774Mon Jun 08, 2015 18:28:51
    Last post by: eyzapateromicke
    Other Languages
    Other web-based programming languages.
    31703198Thu Jun 25, 2015 02:28:45
    Last post by: iahildingcris
    Graphics Help
    Help with graphics. Illustration concepts as well as help on photoshop/corel/psp and other graphics programs.
    805819Fri May 22, 2015 14:28:09
    Last post by: neilneva
    Macromedia Flash
    Get help on illustrating and programming in Flash.
    12981303Thu Jun 18, 2015 19:15:41
    Last post by: regerdieg
    Graphics Showcase
    Showcase your Graphics and Flash Skills.
    793810Tue Jun 30, 2015 05:47:11
    Last post by: cpromcheap
    Triploc Studios
    Triploc Studios Site News and Updates + Offers
    1924Mon Nov 03, 2014 23:59:14
    Last post by: Helen17cy
    Scripting/programmering jobs
    Have a php/asp/cgi/java, etc programming job, post it here.
    826878Tue Jun 16, 2015 23:02:12
    Last post by: msteinmankrys
    Graphics freelance
    Need graphical work done for you. Post your job here.
    819834Thu Jun 04, 2015 02:17:44
    Last post by: cpromcheap

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